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Let's Ditch Overwhelm Together

Your days of searching for answers in books, podcasts, and venting to friends about just how stressed you are...
are over.

You don't have to keep going alone.

It's time you finally allowed help from someone who has been where you are.

I know you think you can figure this out on your own. You're strong, independent, are a boss in a lot of areas of your life, but you're overwhelmed. Operating from overwhelm is no longer working. It's okay to acknowledge that. I'm here to help you no longer feel that way.

How it works

You feel grounded, calm, relieved, confident, happy, and at ease on a daily basis. Your home, relationships, job, business, and body all benefit.

You no longer live in overwhelm

In six months, we'll work on getting you feeling calmer, more confident, and more in control. You'll feel better and your entire life will improve as a result.

Six months of 1:1 coaching

We hop on Zoom for an hour and chat about how you're feeling now, what you imagine your life could be like without overwhelm, and I'll tell you how we'll do that together in coaching.

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Ready when you are, friend.

I can't wait for you To experience What's Possible.

Here's what we'll do together.

We'll start by dealing with why you're overwhelmed now.
You'll begin to feel calmer immediately.
While that's happening, we're also going to set some goals for you to work towards.
If you're overwhelmed, you've likely put things off that you'd actually love to accomplish. 
In our time together, as you're feeling calmer and more confident, your productivity will increase.
You'll start tackling tasks that you've ignored for months.
With this new confidence, ease, and space in your life, you'll then begin doing other fun things you've been desiring - connection with your partner, activities with your kids, setting and reaching financial goals, creating plans for bigger dreams, dressing more confidently, spending more time with your friends, and the list goes on.


Frustrated by having tried it all

You've tried every productivity hack the internet has ever suggested, and yet, you're still overwhelmed. You know there has to be a solution to this.

Your relationships are impacted

This has now gone beyond you. Your partner, kids, friends, coworkers, and clients are impacted. You don't like how you're being, but you don't know how to change.

You still believe there's hope

While you're frustrated at where you are, there's still a sliver of hope that feeling better is possible. You're here because you followed that nudge. There IS hope. I have the solution.

the results



having a deeper, kinder, more loving relationship with yourself.

a renewed relationship with your partner, children, family, and friends.

no longer feeling guilty asking for help, and believing you're worthy to receive.


I'm ready now

Listen To katie's story on The Podcast

"I no longer describe my life as "living in overwhelm", which I never thought I'd be able to say."

The way that I see myself now and the relationship that I have with myself is the thing that I'm most proud of. I spent a lot of years in a really dark place in my relationship with myself, and part of that was looking to everyone else to validate me, while also feeling like no one knew the real me.

Now, I know me, the real me, and I love myself so abundantly. There's so much goodness from that - how it shows up in my daily life, how I take care of myself, how I engage with people, and how it impacts my career."

"I felt stuck, hopeless, and overwhelmed. A lot of the things you were saying, I thought, I want that.

Listen to anne's story on the Podcast

this could be you....

To go from overwhelm and anxiety to feeling peace, calm, and playful. I have the opportunity to choose these feelings if I decide to take it."

"I have such a deeper relationship with myself.

Listen to haley's story on the pOdcast

If you don't have your life, your core foundation, and your brain managed for yourself, first of all, you are not going to get far anywhere else in life, anything else you try to do."

"It all really fell into place once I figured out where my brain was holding me up.

Listen to Megan's story on the Podcast


"I learned to celebrate every victory, no matter how big or small. Every month my confidence increased."

Listen to jessica's story on The POdcast


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You've read the success stories, and you're seeing yourself in their shoes. You know that if it was possible for them, it must be possible for you too. Let their stories be the proof you're looking for that overwhelm can finally be a thing of your past too. Let's get started in making that happen.

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tabitha's story

“kristen has helped me grow into who i want to be. she urges me to dream bigger dreams, she encourages me to set bigger goals and each time, i crush them with her help. her ability to teach me to retrain my brain and manage my mindset has been so life giving.”

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