I'm Kristen!

I'm here to help you ditch overwhelm for good. I know you've likely tried all of the productivity hacks on the internet, and you still feel overwhelmed. I'm here to help!

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How to Overcome Overwhelm

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Before we get started, let’s make sure we’re the perfect fit. Click below and I’ll give you an opportunity to tell me more about yourself and your goals. We’ll schedule a complimentary call and chat for 30 minutes to see if coaching is right for you.

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My intention is to help you set a few goals that you want to accomplish within three months and I would hold you accountable to those. We’d chat via phone or zoom for one hour every two weeks, so six sessions total. You will get me via email in between so we can stay in touch as frequently or as little as you need.

What to expect from coaching:

  • Our sessions are professional, but I like to keep it real so don’t be afraid to absolutely be yourself. 
  • I understand that life is messy and that it takes some time to get out of overwhelm so I’ll be holding plenty of space for ya.
  • Know that I’m on your team, cheering you on, and wanting to see you crush your goals.
  • I’m as nice as they come, but don’t think I won’t push you a bit. I see your potential and I promise to lovingly coach it out of you.

I can’t wait to get to know you!

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How to Overcome Overwhelm

Need help right now? Download my quick guide to overcome overwhelm. In four steps, you'll feel calmer and you'll know exactly what to do next.

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