Intentional Holiday Gift Guide – For The Stylish Ones

These gift guides are designed to help you shop intentionally for your people this year and to remind you that small businesses are the very best place to start. I believe they make our communities go round. Most of the gifts you’ll see here are from small businesses. They need us now more than ever and I’d love to see them thrive through the holiday season after a year of resilience and resourcefulness.

1 | ABLE, a conscious fashion brand focused on giving women opportunities to create a better life for themselves by paying them fair living wages. They have everything from clothing to jewelry to bags.

2 | GLDN, a customizable jewelry brand. I was given a GLDN necklace this year and it is well made, simple, and came with a word that resonated with me after a hard year. Timeless jewelry that you can have for years to come.

3 | Krochet Kids Intl. is one of the first social good brands I ever knew about. I learned about them in college and was inspired by their mission. Their current selection of beanies are super stylish and you know you’re doing good by buying from them.

4 | LANY, or your favorite band’s merchandise. I’m personally a fan of the band, LANY, but your favorite band likely has merch too. I love bands that aren’t mainstream and knowing that I’m supporting a band that’s doing what they love makes shopping from them even more fun.

5 | Avryn Co., a stylish wristlet to carry your keys on. This is made by a local Greenville gal and the quality is top notch. Definitely adding this to my list this year!

6 | Stamped & Finch, one of my favorite jewelry designers from my hometown, Athens, GA. I have many of her pieces and love them all.



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