Intentional Holiday Gift Guide – Thoughtful Gifts

These gift guides are designed to help you shop intentionally for your people this year and to remind you that small businesses are the very best place to start. I believe they make our communities go round. Most of the gifts you’ll see here are from small businesses. They need us now more than ever and I’d love to see them thrive through the holiday season after a year of resilience and resourcefulness.

1 | We’re Not Really Strangers, a card game to get to know your friends and family. My siblings and I love it! We’ve learned things about each other through this game that we wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

2 | The Cultivated Heart Guided Journal + Weekly Heart Check, are made by one of my closest friends, Amanda. This journal is a guide for checking in with your heart to see where you’re feeling comparison, desiring simplicity, and wanting to find more gratitude in your daily life. The Weekly Heart Check is a planner and a journal in one. You get the aspects of the guided journal that will keep your heart in check along with the daily to-do list of a planner. There’s nothing like a journal to have to look back on where you once were and how far you’ve come.

3 | Well Known, a guide for deeper conversations with friends and family members. They have multiple options – kids, teens, marriage, and more.

4 | The Enneagame, another fun card game for getting to know the people you love even more. The Enneagram is all the rage right now, and for good reason. The gift of getting to know yourself and your loved ones is a gift that keeps on giving.



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