Intentional Holiday Gift Guide – Natural Self-Care

These gift guides are designed to help you shop intentionally for your people this year and to remind you that small businesses are the very best place to start. I believe they make our communities go round. Most of the gifts you’ll see here are from small businesses. They need us now more than ever and I’d love to see them thrive through the holiday season after a year of resilience and resourcefulness.

1 | Primally Pure – a few products I love are: Soothing Mask, Gua Sha Stone, Rose Quartz Ridged Roller.

2 | RMS Makeup – a few products I love are: “Un” Cover-Up, Luminizer, Tinted “Un” Powder, Lip2Cheek.

3 | Missio Hair – I love every single thing they have. My favorite shampoo is the Gentle Cleansing and my favorite conditioner is the Lightweight Moisture. I love the Coconut Cleansing Powder dry shampoo, the Styling Spray, and the Golden Hair Spray for styling.

4 | Get a massage from a local massage therapist or a facial from a local esthetician you love. Some of my favorites include Elizabeth Sheppard (massage therapist) and Jennifer Bridges (esthetician) at Spa Collective (Athens, GA).

Other Favorites | Unwind with Elizabeth (massage therapist in Greenville, SC), Urban Nirvana (spa in Greenville, SC), Ilia Makeup, Curology, ZitSticka, Mattie at M.Y. Beauty Lounge (Simpsonville, SC) is the best at sugaring (a natural form of hair removal that’s way better than waxing).



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